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Posted on: October 4, 2015

Succulent-4 Succulent-3 Succulent-5 Succulent-8 Succulent-10 Succulent


Purple rinse for all the nanas out there. Latest news for me: just did some night shifts (death), can’t wait for the next season of the Walking Dead to come out, and new LO stuff is blowing my mind.

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf dress from Atlas Divine, The WHITEPEPPER clutch, zeroUV shades

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Season Change

Posted on: September 4, 2015

Season Change-2 Season Change-3 Season Change-4Season Change-6 Season Change-7

It is slowly getting warmer, but it is that annoying in-between phase when you don’t know if you’re freezing to death or you are going to boil over wearing your winter warmers. Cotton smock dress and no stockings will do. I keep some stockings in my bag, just incase I’ve misjudged the strength of the sun on the day. Lazy Oaf have done well with their latest collection: pastels galore. Hurrah!

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf dress from Atlas Divine, zeroUV glasses

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Eyes Shut

Posted on: August 20, 2015

Eyes Shut-3 Eyes Shut-4Eyes Shut-6Eyes Shut-8 Eyes Shut-9 Eyes Shut-10Eyes Shut-12


The sequined eye is iconic of Discount Universe. It’s all over there stuff, and no one has done it better. I think Nasty Girl even tried a knock-off attempt once. Lame. It’s definitely more night wear than day, but I love it all the time.

Pony. X

Wearing: Discount Universe Eye Mesh Tee, Asos Leggings, zeroUV shades

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

Silver Foxes

Posted on: August 12, 2015

Silver Foxes-4

Silver Foxes-7Silver Foxes-10Silver Foxes-5
Silver Foxes-13
Silver Foxes-14


When people say they don’t like animals, I find it very suspicious. There are normal people, and then there are people who don’t like animals. I love this foxy dress by Brat and Suzie. My favourite fox is the one thats wrapped up in it’s tail: a perfect summation of how I feel all winter. Brat and Suzie have so many cute animal print clothes. I really like their pug printed threads. Adorable.

Pony. X

Wearing: Brat and Suzie Foxy Sweater Dress

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

In my Spell

Posted on: August 7, 2015

Spell-3 Spell-5Spell-8 Spell-9 Spell-10 Spell-12 Spell


I finally got a Spell dress. Took me over a year of pining about how amazing their clothes are. I’m not very good at boho, I’ve never worn many clothes of that style before. I feel more homeschooled country than bohemian, but this dress is to die for and Pepsi is my perfect sidekick.

Pony. X

Wearing: Spell Designs dress from Turquoise Lane

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Hot Diggity

Posted on: July 9, 2015

Hot Diggity-2 Hot Diggity-3 Hot Diggity-4 Hot Diggity-5Hot Diggity-7 Hot Diggity



I’ve spent the past few weeks in Ireland, so I haven’t been on le blog. Starting back up with a hot diggity dog (see what I did there, I was rhyming for those of you playing at home). I’m leaving for Melbourne tonight. More clothes ahoy!

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf t-shirt from Atlas Divine, Asos skirt, zeroUV shades

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

Evil Tropics

Posted on: April 28, 2015

Evil Tropics-10 copy Evil Tropics-12 copy Evil Tropics-13 copy Evil Tropics-16 copy Evil Tropics-3 copy Evil Tropics-4 copy Evil Tropics-9 copy
I rediscovered Photoshop, and now I remember how tricky it is. How amazing is this print by Stolen Girlfriends Club? So creepy. Love it. If you have any PS tips, please email them to me!

Pony. X

Wearing: Stolen Girlfriends Club dress from Atlas Divine, zeroUV glasses

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitey

Ocean Marble

Posted on: March 15, 2015

Ocean Marble-11

Ocean Marble-3Ocean Marble-5 Ocean Marble-6 Ocean Marble-7Ocean Marble-9 Ocean Marble-10

I don’t think I’ve worn Cameo on the blog yet. I don’t know why, their pieces are always beautifully made. This new Cameo top is from Atlas Divine. They have heaps of new stock at the moment. This top is lovely and silky, a nice staple for the spring.

Pony. X

Wearing: Cameo top from Atlas Divine, Asos skirt, zeroUV sunglasses

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely





Fruit Loops

Posted on: March 12, 2015

Fruit Loops-4
Fruit Loops-10


Fruit Loops-5


Fruit Loops-11 Fruit Loops-12Fruit Loops-14
This is a lazy dress. You can be sitting in bed one minute, dressed and styled the next. No planning or effort required. I love it. Got this delish pink printed number from Eclectic Ladyland, and it is a damn good thing I don’t live in Albany ’cause I would be dirt poor.The dress is by DGTL LUXE, they are an amazing Australian label. I am already well impressed.

Pony. X

Wearing: DGTL LUXE dress

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Way Out Here

Posted on: March 8, 2015

Way Out Here-2Way Out Here-4
Way Out Here-9
Way Out Here-8Way Out Here-10Way Out Here


Well, this week was a tad rubbish. I’m getting back into yoga though, so I’ll be calm like the ocean in no time. I’m even stretching in one of these photos; practice is key right? I really like the print of this Unif top. Things with eyes on them: irresistable.

Pony. X

Wearing: Unif jumper from Atlas Divine, ASOS skirt

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

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