Paris in Pastel

Posted on: August 27, 2014

Paris in Pastel-3

Paris in Pastel-2

Paris in Pastel-4
Paris in Pastel-5

Paris in Pastel

I have been visiting Paris this week. France has been a wonderful country to visit, and tomorrow I go from Paris to Nice. I am looking forward to the warmer weather at the coast, it has been cloudy and raining so far. Today I visited the Catacombs and then walked to the Eiffel Tower. I went to Disneyland yesterday, which is where I got this pink Minnie Mouse jacket. It is actually a jacket for children, but I found all the adult clothing a bit dull. Lucky I still fit the kiddies clothes!

Pony. X

Wearing: vintage denim jeans (bought in Belgium), Sportsgirl crop jumper, Disneyland Paris jacket.

Two Days in Belgium

Posted on: August 23, 2014

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Two Days in Belgium-5


Two Days in Belgium-4

Two Days in Belgium-7
Two Days in Belgium


I’m in Belgium at the moment, and I am going to France tomorrow. Brussels is a beautiful city, and I bought some cute vintage jeans here. There was one vintage shop that was selling clothes for 15 Euro per kilo – awesome. I bought this scarf in a boutique in Amsterdam. I can’t buy too much because my suitcase is rather heavy, I wish I didn’t pack so much!

Pony. X

Wearing: Beginning Boutique parka, Princess Polly dress, scarf from Amsterdam boutique (Mimi).

Hello, Holland

Posted on: August 20, 2014

Hello, Holland-2
Hello, Holland-3
Hello, Holland-4
Hello, Holland-5
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Hello, Holland-7
Hello, Holland-8

Hello, Holland

Hello, I’m in Amsterdam! I am travelling around Europe for six weeks, so I won’t be posting many outfit photographs, but probably a few holiday snaps. Today I went to a few museums, including the Cat Museum. How lucky that I was wearing my cat jumper! The man at the entrance to the Cat Museum looked totally unimpressed with life, apparently greeting crazy cat women all day doesn’t do it for him.

Pony. X

Wearing: Asos jumper, Esprit snood, Asos leather boots, Wrangler jeans.


Sick Sad World

Posted on: August 17, 2014

Sick Sad World-3
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Sick Sad World-9

Sick Sad World-11

Sick Sad World
Sick Sad World-18
Sick Sad World-15
I’ve watched every episode of the 90′s hit show; Daria. I’ve seen both movies too. Hell, I even have the box set. If only Sick Sad World was an actual show, surely there’s enough weirdos on the planet to provide it with daily content. If Beginning Boutique make a Black Books inspired garment too, then I’m their new number one fan.

Pony. X

Wearing: Beginning Boutique sweater, American Apparel leggings, Adidas shoes.

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely. 


Posted on: August 10, 2014










Well, the t-shirt says it all really. Weirdo crop from Australian Online shop: Beginning Boutique. Pretty good quality, like most of their stuff. The material is a lovely, soft cotton and it did well in the wash. I’m not usually a big fan of writing on t-shirts, although I seem to have bought a couple of late. The colours just pull me in.

Hope you had a weird weekend.

Pony. X

Wearing: Beginning Boutique top, Finders Keepers pants, Reverse kimono, Windsor Smith shoes.

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely. 

Can You Not

Posted on: August 8, 2014

Can You Not-4

Can You Not
Can You Not-6

Can You Not-8

Can You Not-13

Can You Not-14
Can You Not-16



Insulting heart candy jewellery: genius. Etsy is a great online spot for quirky jewellery. I haven’t bought any clothes off Etsy yet, that thought makes me a bit nervous. The jewellery and other such items are great though. This one is from the U.S by a guy called Danny Brito. He also has some cute art up for grabs too.
Have a great weekend.

Pony X

Wearing: Princess Polly dress, Danny Brito necklace, Asos socks, vintage shoes, zeroUV sunglasses.

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton.


Emerald Lantern Lights

Posted on: August 3, 2014




You know the type of clothes you own that you pick out of the wardrobe over and over again, ’cause they are so comfortable that you feel like you must be cheating at life. This jumper is one of those pieces. Boohoo have lots of knits in heaps of different colours, and this one was only $30.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Pony X

Wearing: Boohoo jumper, American Apparel leggings, Choies shoes, Clay & Clasp necklace.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Bartok ( 


Posted on: August 2, 2014









Restyle is on again for Perth Fashion Festival! It is a month of vintage goodness, and each day has a different theme. The theme for the first day of Restyle: glitter. Here is my sparkly little op shop piece to start off the month of August. I found this vintage piece in a shop in Fremantle a few years back.

I am very excited to take part in the vintage challenge, although it might be a bit difficult while I am in Europe! You can follow all the fun on Instagram, and please join in. Use the tag #restyle2014 and show off your vintage wonders with me!

Pony X

Wearing: vintage glitter dress, Asos stockings.

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton.


Carolina Honeyrider

Posted on: July 28, 2014



My favourite brand have done it again. Another beautiful dress, that is comfortable and ever so cute. This cotton dress is incredibly soft, and I am a big fan of the relaxed smock dress fit. I’ll be going to the UK in September, and no doubt I will come home with many more of their pieces. The WHITEPEPPER are currently having sales on Asos and their website too. Get in quick.

Pony. X

Wearing: The WHITEPEPPER dress, Asos socks, Asos shoes.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Bartok (


Barbie World

Posted on: July 25, 2014

Barbie World-18
Barbie World-2

Barbie World-7

Barbie World-12

Barbie World-14

Barbie World-10

Barbie World-19

Barbie World



I have been dying to post this outfit. It has been so miserable outside, so photo taking time has been down to a minimum. Here is my Barbie outfit, isn’t it a killer. Got this baby from a fairly average online store, so I was surprised at the high quality of it. I wouldn’t bother much with the rest of their pieces.

I’m not sure I’d wear Barbie during the day, but maybe to a toddlers rave or other such local and often occurring event.

Pony. X

Wearing: Barbie set from Choies, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Photography courtesy of Marian Hinton. 

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