Yatta Yatta

Posted on: October 22, 2014

Yatta Yatta-13

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Yatta Yatta-17

Yatta Yatta-18

I love the latest collection by House of Cards. Their SS14 Yatta collection is filled with vibrant, Japanese style prints. It’s as if a sushi restaurant exploded onto the fabric in Yatta. If I didn’t get this dress, I would have loved the embellished fish dress. You know the plastic fish that hold the soy sauce? Yeah, one of those. Kawaii. 

Pony. X

Wearing: House of Cards dress, Windsor Smith shoes, zeroUV glasses
Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely.


Posted on: October 14, 2014











Doesn’t it just? Di$count Univer$e make some amazing pieces, but this one is by far their best.

Pony. X

Wearing: Di$count Univer$e sweater, h0les eyewear.

Photographs courtesy of Deirdre Hinton


Posted on: October 9, 2014







Bored? I don’t really like it when people say they are bored. To be bored of something, yeah okay, but to be bored in general? Just don’t get it. This shirt is great though; 80′s print, oversized fit, pastel colours and obviously it is comfortable. I used to only wear oversized t-shirts around the house when I was in high school. I used to run down the road in them to visit my friend Becca, who also only worse oversize shirts. It drove my mother mad that I was just running around the street in a big t-shirt. In public I’ll wear shorts too, I guess I have to.

Pony. X

Wearing: Emma Mulholland shirt, Asos shorts, Windsor Smith shoes, zeroUV shades.

Photographs courtesy of Deirdre Hinton. 

Asleep on a Sunbeam

Posted on: October 6, 2014








When I buy vintage clothes, I always go for items with sequins, embellishments or something shiny. Shiny, pretty things. I tend to buy most of vintage items on eBay; that way you can search for exactly what you want and not have to sift through an op-shop to find it. This top is an eBay purchase and it only cost me around $20!

Pony. X

Wearing: vintage top, South District skirt.

Photographs courtesy of Rosh Bak (https://www.facebook.com/lilbrotherphoto)


Posted on: October 3, 2014









I visited the Lazy Oaf store while I was in London a few weeks ago. It was a bit obvious that I was very excited to be there, the shopkeeper definitely noticed and so she gave me a few stickers. I felt like a little school girl. So here is one of the items I bought from Lazy Oaf: the Abstraction Crop Top.. it’s awesome.

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf crop, Romwe skirt, Adidas sneakers, Asos frill socks, Bric bag, zeroUV sunglasses.

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton


Posted on: September 30, 2014






I’m back in Australia! Back to the land of sunshine and my gorgeous dog, Pepsi (I missed my friends and family too, I promise). I bought an awful lot of lovely clothes while I was away, including this silver top from Topshop. This long and shimmery piece is from a UK brand called The Ragged Priest. I found The Ragged Priest on Instagram and then hunted them down in Topshop. Good grief, Topshop is massive and slightly overwhelming! Good fun though.

Pony. X 


Wearing: The Ragged Priest long top, River Island leggings, Windsor Smith shoes, zeroUV glasses, Di$count Universe sequin bra

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton

The Wall

Posted on: September 15, 2014

The Wall-3

The Wall-2
The Wall-6

The Wall-8

The Wall-9

The Wall-10

Since I last posted on the blog, I’ve been to Prague, Krakow, and now I am in Berlin. I went to East Side Gallery yesterday, and then a flea market at Mauerpark. I’m really enjoying Berlin, I’m glad I’ve got a few more days here than I have had in other cities. Today I’m going to hire a bike and ride to an abandoned airport… #creepy! I bought this dress from a small store in Krakow, that sells only locally designed clothes. It’s a very comfy, oversized jumper, pastel thing. It’s great.

Pony. X

Wearing: Mamapiki jumper dress, Adidas shoes.


Castle Towers

Posted on: September 9, 2014

Castle Towers-3
Castle Towers-5

Castle Towers-6

Castle Towers-8

Castle Towers-10
Castle Towers-11

Castle Towers-15
Castle Towers-17

Castle Towers-18

Castle Towers


I spent four days in Budapest, Hungary. It is such a beautiful city. I went to the Szechenyi baths, visited some gorgeous vintage boutiques, and ate a ridiculous amount of delicious vegetarian food. Here I am wearing a vintage kimono, which I got in a Perth op-shop for only $6! My earrings are from a store in Barcelona, and they only cost a few Euro. Cheap and cheerful!

Pony. X

Wearing: vintage kimono, Princess Polly dress, Windsor Smith shoes.

Dwell on Guell

Posted on: September 5, 2014

Guell Park-2

Guell Park-5

Guell Park-7

Guell Park-8

Guell Park-9

Guell Park-10

Guell Park

I’ve changed cities again, and now I am in Budapest! While I was in Barcelona, I found a store called Nuovum, which is a cute concept store in the Gothic Quarter. I thought that maybe this twin-set was pyjamas, so I asked the man in the store. He said that the set is meant to be daywear, so I guess I’ll wear it as both. Sounds good to me! These photographs were taken outside of Gaudi’s house, in Guell Park.

Pony. X


Wearing: Fown twin set (from Nuovum, Barcelona), vintage bag (from Flamingo Vintage, Barcelona), Asos shoes, Kinki Gerlinki sunglasses.

Hola Barcelona

Posted on: September 2, 2014

Aloha Barcelona-3

Aloha Barcelona-5

Aloha Barcelona
Aloha Barcelona-4

Aloha Barcelona-8
Aloha Barcelona-6

Aloha Barcelona-9

Aloha Barcelona-2

Hello, Barcelona! I’ve spent the past few days exploring Barcelona, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it! It is my first visit to Spain, and hopefully one day I will come back and see more of it. One of my favourite things about Barcelona, is the amount of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around. It is the land of vegetable heaven! I bought some cute things while shopping in the Gothic Quarter, can’t wait to show those to you.

Pony. X

Wearing: Peppermayo playsuit, Windsor Smith shoes.

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