Life is a Beach

Posted on: November 25, 2015

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Life is a beach. I’ve been going to the beach with Pepsi a lot. We walk for about an hour, and then take a dip. Lately it’s been important for me to take the time out, and get out and experience some natural beauty. Working full time in a stressful job, and dealing with daily life can be overwhelming sometimes. But sometimes you need to just chill, ’cause life is a beach. Enjoy it.

Pony. X

Wearing: SheInside dress

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

Bamboo Bones

Posted on: November 8, 2015

Bamboo Bones-2 Bamboo Bones-3Bamboo Bones-5Bamboo Bones-9 Bamboo Bones


Bamboo Bones-7

This is an awesome summer dress. Lovely soft cotton, doesn’t cling anywhere, and lots of room in case you eat too much lunch. The Huffer dresses follow the same sort of style, but I like it, so who cares.

Pony X

Wearing: Huffer dress from Atlas Divine, zeroUV shades

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely, and Pepsi


Posted on: November 3, 2015





Firmoo kindly sent me some glasses to review last month. I have been wearing glasses for the past 10 years because I am short sighted. The last several years I have been wearing contact lenses more than glasses, but after a while of always wearing them my eyes needed a bit of a rest. I usually wear larger framed glasses when I am at work, but I decided to try these half frames. I love the tortoise shell pattern, I am quite a sucker for that print. Firmoo make affordable glasses, but the quality of the frames is still very high. When you have to buy glasses all the time (for me, I constantly lose mine or once I accidentally broke them at the pub. My mother is worse, she woke up one day with a flat pair because she slept on them all night) it becomes quite expensive. These frames would be better for reading, or just around the house. I wore them for a few days out and about, and got used to the half lenses pretty quickly. Even though I got these ones for free (thanks Firmoo) I’d love to try a few more of their specs! Highly recommended.

Pony. X

Wearing: Firmoo glasses

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton


Posted on: October 31, 2015

Luxury-2Luxury-8 Luxury-10 Luxury-12 Luxury-14 Luxury-16



Is it a dress? Is it a top? Who cares. How good is the pastel and grey. Delish. I’ve posted a million Lazy Oaf looks from Atlas Divine lately. They are just killing it, I’m drawn to their threads like a magnet to an MRI.

Pony. X


Wearing: Lazy Oaf top/dress from Atlas Divine
Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton


Little Prince

Posted on: October 25, 2015

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Little Prince



This is the perfect holiday season dress; a little bit fancy, but not too much. The slightly oversize smock style will be perfect for big festive lunches! I’m very fond of metallic items, especially when they are done well. This Tallulah’s Threads dress is the sort of piece I could wear every summer and still get people asking where I got it. Love it.

Pony. X

Wearing: Tallulah’s Threads dress from Little Deer

Photographs courtesy of Marian Hinton

My Girl

Posted on: October 18, 2015

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My Girl-6
My Girl-5


My Girl-3
My Girl
Days off are spent at the beach with Pepsi. It is finally that time of year again. Not too hot, not too cold. Haven’t blogged in forever, been too busy decorating the house. Here is a pretty white dress to get me back in the swing of things.


Pony X

Wearing: SheIn dress

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Posted on: October 4, 2015

Succulent-4 Succulent-3 Succulent-5 Succulent-8 Succulent-10 Succulent


Purple rinse for all the nanas out there. Latest news for me: just did some night shifts (death), can’t wait for the next season of the Walking Dead to come out, and new LO stuff is blowing my mind.

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf dress from Atlas Divine, The WHITEPEPPER clutch, zeroUV shades

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Coal Pressed

Posted on: September 26, 2015

Coal Pressed-2 Coal Pressed-3 Coal Pressed-4 Coal Pressed-5 Coal Pressed


I spent ages on Asos trying to find a good t-shirt. A plain one or one with a nice print on it. Had to sift through hundreds that made me cringe to find any that weren’t half bad. The Empire Apparel are quite different; they have heaps of cute designs, as well as good fitting tees and all are on good quality cotton. Plus they are based in Brisbane, Australia. So forget Asos, support local.

Pony. X

Wearing: Empire Apparel Leopard Print Diamond T-shirt, American Apparel Leggings

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Black Noise

Posted on: September 20, 2015

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Black Noise-3


Black Noise-5


Black Noise-7


Black Noise-9


I was looking forward to going to the Steph Audino Fashion Show at TPFF this week, but it got canceled! It would have been my first fashion show. I was thinking of going to a few things at Perth Fashion Week, but Netflix has won instead. Love this dress from, cheap but still sophisticated. They have lots of cute and affordable items. Take a look!

Pony. X

Wearing: SheIn dress, zeroUV shades

Photograph courtesy of Mathew Whitely


Kitty Squad

Posted on: September 13, 2015

Sticks and Thrones-2 Sticks and Thrones-3 Sticks and Thrones-4Sticks and Thrones-8 Sticks and Thrones


I spent two hours on Photoshop this morning, trying to make a landscape photograph that I took in Ireland all in pastel colours. I just about threw my computer out the window. It is so bloody hard! Wearing pastels was much easier. I have a little thing for pastel colours. Isn’t this jumper adorable? Kittens!

Pony. X

Wearing: Lazy Oaf jumper from Atlas Divine

Photographs courtesy of Mathew Whitely

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